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Vile Eight

Ars Moriendi

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💀Ars Moriendi💀
♤The Art of Dying♤
This woodcut was one of the first to catch my interest as a teenager, so much so that it became one of my first tattoos.
The woodcut relates to two Latin texts from the 1400s and the name translates to "the art of dying". The texts were book about how to die a good pious death through living correctly.
This woodcut shows saints and demons present at the death of a man with the man's deeds and sins presented before him (which I have added English translations).
I like to think that this image represents the good and bad deeds by the amount of demons and angels that proceed your bedside, more good deeds more angels, and vice versa.
This woodcut has been engraved into solid wood and measures 30cm x 40cm