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Pirate Series - Black Bart

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Black Bart, born Bartholomew Roberts, was a Welsh pirate infamous for his ruthless tactics and extraordinary success. His career, spanning 1719 to 1722, made him the most successful pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy by the measure of ships captured. Roberts operated mainly off the coasts of Africa and the Americas, known for his daring raids and meticulous organisation.

Unlike many pirates, Roberts wasn't content with a single flag. He went through several designs symbolising his defiance and changing fortunes. His earliest flag displayed a skeleton and Roberts himself, both holding hourglasses to symbolise the relentless passage of time leading to death.

Black Bart met his end in 1722 off the coast of West Africa, when his ship was ambushed by a British warship. 

This wall art is made on aged solid wood and measures 30cm x 20cm.