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Pirate Series - 'Calico' Jack Rackham

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John Rackham, better known as Calico Jack, was an English pirate captain who operated in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. He earned his nickname, Calico Jack, from the brightly coloured calico clothing he favoured. even if he was not the most successful pirate.

He had two women on his crew, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who both fought alongside the men and became iconic figures in pirate lore. Unlike the traditional Jolly Roger with a skull and crossbones, Calico Jack's flag featured two crossed swords beneath a skull, symbolising both death and fighting spirit.

He started as a quartermaster under Captain Charles Vane but eventually took over his ship, the Ranger. He briefly accepted a pardon and attempted a legitimate life, but soon returned to piracy alongside Anne Bonny, who left her husband to join him. In 1720, he was captured by a British privateer and hanged in Port Royal, Jamaica.

Despite his short career, he became a popular figure due to his association with Bonny and Read, who challenged traditional gender roles of the time. His unique flag, though not widely adopted by other pirates, became a symbol of his unconventional approach and remains a recognisable element of pirate history.

This wall art is made on aged solid wood and measures 30cm x 20cm.