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Pirate Series - Charles Vane

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Charles Vane, an English pirate who operated in the Bahamas at the twilight of the Golden Age, carved his path through violence and defiance. Though details are scarce, he likely began around 1716 under the notorious Captain Henry Jennings, perhaps even participating in the plunder of a wrecked Spanish treasure fleet. By 1717, Vane captained his own ship and rose to become a leader within the short-lived "Republic of Pirates" in Nassau.

Known for his cruelty and volatile temper, Vane's reign was marked by internal conflict and external pressure from authorities determined to quash piracy. He famously refused a pardon offered by the British governor, even firing upon his ship in a display of defiance. This act, though bold, ultimately led to his downfall. Facing a mutiny from his own crew and the relentless pursuit of the British, Vane's luck ran out in 1719. Shipwrecked and marooned, he was eventually captured, tried for piracy, and hanged in Jamaica in 1721. While lacking a personal flag there are reports of him flying this 3 panelled flag as well as the infamous Jolly Roger, Vane's ruthless approach and defiant spirit secured his place as a memorable figure in the annals of pirate history.

This wall art is made on aged solid wood and measures 30cm x 20cm.