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Pirate Series - Henry Every

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Henry Every, also known as Henry Avery, carved his name into pirate lore not through longevity, but through a single, audacious act. Operating in the late 17th century, he started his career conventionally, first as a sailor and later as a privateer. However, in 1694, the crew of the ship he served on mutinied, electing him as their captain and christening him "Long Ben." This marked the beginning of a brief but impactful piratical career.

Every's infamous deed came in 1695, when he led a daring raid on a heavily-guarded Mughal treasure fleet returning from a pilgrimage. The plunder, estimated at millions in today's value, was the largest ever amassed by a single pirate in history. This act of piracy sparked international outrage, with the British government pressured to capture Every.

Despite the intense pursuit, Every managed to vanish. Theories abound about his fate, ranging from him living anonymously in England to him becoming a pirate king in Madagascar. Regardless of the truth, Every's single, audacious raid cemented his place as a legend, earning him nicknames like "The Arch Pirate" and inspiring countless others to take up the pirate's life. Although his career was short-lived, his impact on the Golden Age of Piracy was undeniable.

Henry Avery's pirate flag featured a red background with a white skull and crossbones, a stark and threatening symbol. While the traditional Jolly Roger typically had a black background, Avery's use of a bloody red flag further amplified the message of death and intimidation.

This wall art is made on aged solid wood and measures 30cm x 20cm.