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Pirate Series - Ned Low

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Ned Low, also known as Edward Low, was a ruthless English pirate who operated in the early 18th century during the tail-end of the Golden Age. While his pirating career spanned only a short three years, his brutality and signature flag left a lasting impact.

Known for his exceptional cruelty: He earned a reputation as one of the most vicious pirates, notorious for inflicting horrific torture on his victims before killing them. This savagery served as a chilling tactic, striking fear into the hearts of those who encountered him on the high seas.

Wielding the "Bloody Skeleton" flag: Low's most recognisable symbol was his unique flag. It featured a skeletal figure, depicted in a menacing red colour, against a black background. This stark image, referred to as the "Bloody Skeleton," served as both a warning and a symbol of his brutality. Unlike the traditional Jolly Roger with its skull and crossbones, Low's flag was designed to evoke a sense of pure terror, further solidifying his fearsome image.

Though his time as a pirate was brief, the combination of his cruelty and the chilling "Bloody Skeleton" flag ensured that Ned Low remained a figure of notoriety in pirate lore.

This wall art is made on aged solid wood and measures 30cm x 20cm.