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Pirate Series - Stede Bonnet

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Unlike most pirates, Stede Bonnet, a wealthy Barbadian landowner, lacked experience and a fearsome reputation. Nicknamed the "Gentleman Pirate" for his refined manners and unconventional approach, he purchased a ship and embarked on a short-lived pirate career in 1717 Leaving his wife and two children behind. He is also the only recorded pirate to pay for his own ship to be built rather than the traditional method of 'commandeering' a vessel. Though historical records remain unclear, some accounts suggest he flew a simple flag depicting a heart and a dagger, symbolising his romantic aspirations for adventure and his naivety in the harsh realities of piracy. His brief association with the infamous Blackbeard, who adopted Bonnet as his ally, (or rather used) further cemented his unconventional image. Despite lacking traditional pirate success and a widely recognised flag, Bonnet's unique story, chronicled in recent media adaptations, continues to capture imaginations and challenge the archetypal image of a pirate captain.

This wall art is made on aged solid wood and measures 30cm x 20cm.