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Vile Eight

Plague Boy

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The Plague Boy

72cm x 35cm

This morbid, fascinating illustration comes from an etching from 1779, it shows the exact representation of the desiccated corpse of a boy around 12 years old which was found in a vault under an old London church in 1742.

The illustration goes on to explain that the boy was found standing, clothed and extraordinarily his skin, fibres and intestines, though dried were all completely preserved. Although there is no evidence of the boys identity it was believed he was put in the vault during the outbreak of the great plague in London 1665.

People who died from plague were still belived to have been contagious post mortem due to miasmas (poisonous vapors) coming off the corpse rather than a respiratory contagion.

There is only one of these made because unusually for me, and historically my artwork content - This artwork does give me an uneasy feeling, owing no doubt to its striking look and earie backstory.