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Vile Eight

Seven Deadly Sins

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The Seven Dead Sins & Their Infernal Punishment.

Here's a full set of the seven deadly sins and their Infernal punishments taken from amazing woodcuts from 1496 by Nicolas Le Rouge. I've reproduced each one with its named sin and description of each punishment which I'll add below.

sold separately and as a set with the 'seven deadly sins' sign included.

The signs are engraved on 20cm x 30cm on 2.5cm thick wood.


PRIDE - the prideful are broken on the wheel

ENVY - the envious are immersed in freezing water

ANGER - the angry are dismembered alive

SLOTH - the slothful are thrown into snake pits

GREED - the greedy are put into cauldrons of boiling oil

GLUTTONY - the gluttonous are force fed on toads, rats and snakes

LUST - the lustful are smothered in fire and brimstone